Principal’s Message

Ahmed Rasheed

Education is the axis of development which brings peace, harmony and tranquility. The torch that enlightens and differentiate right from wrong. The compass that guides life’s direction. The most powerful tool that develops human’s physical and spiritual character with information and skills.

The main purpose, which is derived from the vision and mission of Ihavandhoo School, is that to mold a person of character who loves the religion of Islam, who is courageous and beneficial to the nation. It is with great pleasure I would like to emphasis that all the staff of the school, who are fulfilling this vitally important obligation are faithful, sincere, courageous, obedient and well-disciplined models for students and parents. They are committed in shouldering their responsibilities. They are cautious and hard-working in accomplishing results.  My request to all the staff is to remain steadfast always. Sacrifice yourself for the rights of students.

I believe it is with full cooperation and assistance from the parents that Ihavandhoo School can reach its aim. Audacious parents are behind all the success that the school has achieved. Their help and service is always needed. I insist to all parents to remain determined always in materializing school’s goals and targets.

Students always strive to love education, be skillful, qualified, pious, obedient and well-behaved models. Results achieved by students depend up on hard work along with respecting parents, teachers and societal values and norms. The most important aim in education and character building for students is to be adherent to obligations in Islam with loving the religion and being righteous. I always pray Allah almighty to shower peace and prosperity to Ihavandhoo School.


Ahmed Rasheed



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