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Ihavandhoo school is the largest educational institute in Haa Alifu atoll with the highest student enrollment of more than 800 students providing education from pre-school to higher secondary. This great school’s history goes back to 1969 when it was first inaugurated on May 25th of the same year. On 22nd February 1981 the name of the school was changed from "Makthabul Nooru" to "Ihavandhoo Makthab". Today the school’s name is "Ihavandhoo School", which was officially given on 21st September 2003. [read more]

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To produce individuals who observe and uphold the principles of Islam, who are law-abiding, willing and prepared to revive and preserve the Maldivian culture, customs and language, who are respected by the society, self-confident , current, updated and awakened to the world, and who are physically and mentally fit.


Ihavandhoo Madharusa strives to connect teachers and students with a systematic and comprehensive use of technology combined with a versatile and relevant curriculum and a career preparation component.

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